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MARINA DEL REY, CA, June 26 - Building Blocks Advisory Group and BATTS Incubator Labs today announced a collaboration offering of Pre Clinical studies to be utilized with clients and partners within Building Blocks Advisory Group and BATTS Incubator Labs. The partnership enables Building Blocks Advisory Group to offer their clients an extremely effective model of drug development and research with Pre-clinical development in Immunization studies, Oncology, Non-GLP and GLP toxicology studies, Diabetes/obesity models, Pharmacokinetic studies, Immunotherapy studies, Bacterial and viral infection studies, Tissue and primary cell isolation, Transgenic colony breeding and maintenance, Customized model development, Histology, imaging and cell culture support, and Dermal wound healing models. The information collected from these studies is vital for drug development so that safe human testing can begin.


“It is with great pleasure to announce this partnership with BATTS Incubator Labs” said Dr. Tanya Petrossian, Principal and Owner of Building Blocks Advisory Group. “The preclinical services that BATTS Incubator Labs offers in tandem with our expansive clientele and vision to cultivate scientific innovation made this a very feasible and worthy partnership. We look forward to working with BATTS Incubator Labs to deliver comprehensive and transformative studies to prospective businesses that want to innovate the industry.”








"We are very excited to collaborate with Building Blocks Advisory team to serve early-stage biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients in development of their products from the lab to the market" said Anthony Aldick, Director of BATTS Incubator Labs. "We believe our collaboration will be strategically aligned via providing pre-clinical resources to support our client's path to commercialization. BATTS Incubator Laboratories is equipped with all the necessary resources and the expertise to provide FDA-approved pre-clinical facility, a full in-house preclinical services laboratory space for rent and equipment to support product development for clients." 

Together, Building Blocks Advisory Group and BATTS Incubator Labs address the issues of companies and startups alike in their search for preclinical development in drug testing, feasibility, and iterative testing for industry clients that have required these services. BATTS Incubator Labs offers full in house GLP level preclinical services, to which clients of both Building Blocks Advisory Group and BATTS Incubator Labs will reap the benefits of in their preclinical studies due to this strategic partnership. 

About BATTS Incubator Labs
BATTS Incubator Labs provides full ‘In-house’ GLP level pre-clinical study facility and services and support for companies, startups, as well as biopharma industry clients with their 10,000+ square foot lab space and bio-incubator located in San Fernando Valley, CA. Some of their comprehensive services include - in brief - Technical and scientific expertise consulting in a number of areas, business development, IP grants contracts, technology transfer and commercialization, drug development planning process, regulatory affairs and more. For more information, visit


About Building Blocks Advisory Group
Building Blocks Advisory Group offers a wide range of scientific advisory services for biotechnology/pharmaceutical startups and investors. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you transform your scientific innovation into a blockbuster product, and learn how to properly manage your expansion or next project. We partner with your team to develop engaging product strategies, design R&D scalable operations, and execute disruptive commercialization plans. The company is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California. For more information, visit

Contact: Tanya Petrossian, Ph. D

Tel.: (949) 933-1383



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