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Recap: 3 Things We Learned From BCLA's #ES2017

3 things we learned at BCLA’s Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

BCLA as an organization has grown rapidly

From the inception of BCLA in 2014, BCLA has held over 17 events to over 1000 attendees and it sure showed at #ES2017. The event was not only a great opportunity for the LA Biotech sector to connect with each other but also imbue a ton of information and advice to entrepreneurs and startups in the greater LA Area. With support from CNSI, the LA Mayor’s Office, LabLaunch, Building Blocks Advisory Group, BIOCOM, BioBuiltLA and others, it was an event that you couldn’t miss if you’re interested in biotech startups in Los Angeles. Special recognition should be given to BCLA President Yari Fontebasso and BCLA Vice President Carolina Amador for making BCLA’s ES2017 program as fun and enriching as it was.

LA Biotech entrepreneurs bring unique perspectives to the market - regardless of age

Entrepreneurs at ES2017 came from diverse backgrounds, bringing together different viewpoints to age-old scientific and healthcare problems needing a better solution in the current market. In fact, the first two groups who pitched at the Ideas Blitz at ES2017 were actually the youngest of all 100 attendees and offered everyone such innovative ideas. One of the groups of middle school girls had presented on a profound antimicrobial and biocompatible hydrogel with microbe membrane pharmaceutical sterilization solution. It is great to see grade schoolers who are interested in science take a patient-focused, entrepreneurial approach to the traditional science project. The second group of young presenters were from high school that offered a solution for car bumpers used a shape shifting memory alloy called Nitinol that would return to its original shape when heated, retaining the structural integrity of the automobile bumper. Both groups did an excellent job on presenting the real-world problem, market value, scientific solution solution, and commercial strategy.

LA Biotech sector is a hidden gem...and growing.

With representatives from BioBuilt, Lab Launch, BATTS Incubator, Basepaws, Building Blocks Advisory Group, BioBuiltLA, Larta Institute, Hatch, LA Biospace, LA BioStart, USC, UCLA, Blackstone Launchpad, ZS Associates and CNSI it was a coming out party for all of the Los Angeles to show that companies and startups should look into Los Angeles as a viable ecosystem for biotech to thrive in. Spending time on topics such as setting up a startup, building your team, identifying your value proposition, pivoting and adapting your business model, finding lab space, funding your startup, and navigating IP and patenting these mentors provided invaluable information for startups and entrepreneurs to take in and adapt to their ideas. The population of young entrepreneurs was noticed as well as some of these companies provided their services as prizes for the Idea Blitz! giving them a jumpstart to their entrepreneurship journey.

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To read more about the events that happened at the Entrepreneurship Summit please visit:

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